Course Description

This course will allow participants to crawl inside the heads, hearts and wallets of Shoppers in order to unearth key motivations and behaviors when Shoppers shop…and buy! From a base foundation of identification of key influencers in a shopper’s mindset we will then explore how a shopping trip is considered and conducted. Importantly, we will lead to the translation of this keen Shopper Mind & Behavior understanding into translation oat retail where browsers can become buyers; and, where loyalty can be built.

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Learning Objectives

  • To describe the Triune Brain Model and explain how it influences our actions.
  • To identify Reptilian and Limbic behaviors and determine how they may impact the shopper.
  • To recognize insights from recent functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and steady-state typography (SST) research.
  • To recognize how our minds and bodies work together while shopping, and how these influences may affect in-store merchandising.
  • To identify opportunities to leverage these insights to influence shopper.


  • Instructor led
  • Webinar
  • Experiential

Target Audience

Any person from a Manufacturer, Retailer, Distributor or Agency, within the Consumer Product Goods industry, who seeks a high-level, strategic understanding of the Shopper’s Mind & Behaviors and how that Impacts Merchandising. Typical participants include roles such as Directors, Senior Managers, Category Managers, Senior Buyers, Team Leaders, Account Executives, Marketing Managers, Senior Pricing & Promotion Managers, Finance Managers, Business Managers, Operations Managers, Retail or Sales Strategy Managers, Trade Marketers, etc.

Supported Behaviors

Analysis & Insights
Shopper Marketing

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