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A philosophical and strategic approach to managing customers that achieves the manufacturer’s business objectives in the most cost effective, enduring manner.

Services from The Partnering Group

TPG’s Sales Management focuses on the fact that retailers are instrumental in creating the right shopping environment for their target shoppers and brands. To address these challenges, successful organizations view customer development as a critical capability to win the hearts and minds of their shoppers and retail customers. Our consulting services in the area of Sales Management include:

  • Sales Assessment: TPG’s comprehensive approach to assessment uses a combination of advanced analytics, key document evaluation and Customer interviews to provide a clear understanding of an organization’s current state, desired state (benchmarking) and the work required to bridge any gaps.
  • Trade Spend Strategic Plan: TPG has successfully engaged in Global projects representing over $24 billion in trade spend over the past few years.  TPG’s program helps Guide, Design and Activate Trade Spend Optimization processes, capabilities & tools that enhance the visibility of Trade Spend, align Trade Spend to the strategic plan and enable better decision making to improve return on investment
  • Channel Strategy: TPG’s Channel /Customer Segmentation & Strategy approach helps Manufacturers make the right strategic choices and develop propositions that articulate how the Manufacturer and Retailers will “win” within each targeted Channel.
  • Department Reinvention: TPG’s Department Reinvention program is a results-driven solution applying proven best practice strategy, models and techniques to completely reinvent the department shopping experience – whether online or in the store. This work begins with an in-depth insight generation map, establishes a sustainable growth strategy for the department, and designs a transformed experience for shoppers along the path to purchase which delivers improved loyalty, increased transaction size, and maximized sales and profit.
  • Joint Business Planning: TPG helps manufacturers build a proprietary and systemic approach to Joint Business Planning that transforms the retail-manufacturer value chain, builds better retailer relationships, and drives results.

Sales Management Case Studies

TPG has guided many of the world’s leading CPG companies in building their customer development capabilities. Click on the case studies for more details:

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