The Definition

Omnichannel Retailing is similar to Multi-Channel retailing in that it focuses on how a retailer can operate in an integrated way across all commerce channels including physical store, call center, website, social commerce, mobile commerce and others.  The core goal of this practice is to ensure that there is one common retail brand experience for the shopper across channels.  Often this is first approached from a marketing and messaging standpoint but advanced practitioners also investigate operations and core technology platforms to integrate inventory access, service offer and provide more solutions that are web to store, store to web, etc.

Services from The Partnering Group

TPG’s omnichannel solutions provides a roadmap to investigate, launch or expand upon a retailer’s omnichannel strategy and execution.

  • Digital Store: TPG’s digital store program helps senior executives reconceive of their in-store environment as digital marketing opportunity. The program provides a clear road map to test and deploy new digital solutions in-store and measure the results.
  • Ecommerce Strategy: TPG’s ecommerce strategy program provides a roadmap to launch or grow Ecommerce.
  • Ecommerce Demand Generation: TPG’s ecommerce demand generation approach provides a redesign of planning process and links marketing planning through to inventory requirements unlocking new levels of growth and profit.
  • Ecommerce Process: TPG’s ecommerce process for operations, content and planning provides detailed understanding of the work and how to optimize it for higher profits, more productive teams and stronger, better executed site campaigns.
  • Ecommerce Organization Capability: TPG’s ecommerce organization design approach leverages real-world operational experience to determine the optimal work processes and organization design for profitable growth.
  • Ecommerce Launch: TPG’s ecommerce launch provides a roadmap to launch and grow Ecommerce. TPG helps companies to launch ecommerce productively and profitably.

Ecommerce and Omnichannel Case Studies

TPG has developed ecommerce strategy for numerous companies throughout the world. Click on the case studies for more details:

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