1) Transforming the Soup Category from Commodity to Exciting Meal Solution

Client Description

1) North American Soup Manufacturer


1) Category hard to shop and lacking engagement
2) Increasing commodity pressure on the category


1) Manufacturer in search of new Vision
2) Focus on growing ‘share of stomach’ not just ‘share of soup’

TPG Approach

1) TPG led a ‘TPG led successful “Road to Soup Transformation” project
2) Leveraging the Category Leadership Program methodology
3) Development of new total system integrated Strategies and Initiatives
4) New products/positions
5) CLP work that led to the idea of a new gravity feed shelf system


1) 7.1% category growth after deployment of new in-store concept at key retailers
2) 9.4% manufacturer growth within the category
3) Significantly more shoppers “extremely satisfied” with shopping for Condensed soup
4) Billboard effect of gravity feed shelving reduces store labor costs and improves branding – 210% larger

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