Case Study : Strategy Drives Cultural and Business Transformation

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Client Description

Non-Food Consumer Products Company – North America


They were the largest player in their category, however, sales and market share were flat to slightly declining. Profitability was down considerably due to rising production costs and significant marketing and sales expenses. They had limited marketing and sales activities focused on consumer and shopper targeting. And, their trade relationships were eroding due to inflexible programs and lack of category thought leadership. Finally, their operating strategy was largely to be a fast follower on innovation, marketing and customer development practices.


Develop a comprehensive strategic plan that would turnaround the company by creating a more focused, consumer and retail customer-centric culture .

TPG Approach

1) TPG ‘s assessment revealed the critical choices, investments and practices the client needed to deploy. Importantly, the assessment highlighted what the client needed to “stop” doing as well.
2) While the direction and magnitude of change were significant, TPG helped craft a very focused, pragmatic strategic plan that could cascaded and applied to every business unit and function throughout the organization.
3) TPG facilitated the installation of the newly desired practices and organizational design that created a consumer and retail customer-centric culture.


1) The company had several consecutive years of record sales, market share and profit growth leading to an eventual acquisition.
2) The tenants of the initial strategic plan remained in place for several years and were the foundation for the company’s global category leadership.

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