Case Study : Redesign Drives Customer Development Gains

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Client Description

Global manufacturer of Pet Care products and snacks.


$5 Billion Pet Food manufacturer that had opportunity to win versus increasingly capable competitors. Also had the opportunity to increase consumer value proposition at a lower cost while needing to build market share and investor value.


Assess current organization versus industry best practices and develop recommended Roadmap for implementing needed changes while maintaining the on-going business requirements.

TPG Approach

Completed Assessment, followed by Design, then Implementation and on-going Renew. OPM at the heart of all initiatives. Key Projects with TPG Involvement:
1) Original Cross Functional Design & Implementation (93-96)
2) Sales Re-design (95-97)
3) Category Management Leadership (94-09)
4) MDO Development (04)
5) Innovation Team Development (09)


15 years of uninterrupted sales and profit growth $1 Billion in Innovation/Renovation Annually. Industry standard on speed to market. Lowest MOGE (SG&A) amongst competitors. Best practice in customer service. Consistent, sustained wins against primary competitors

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