Case Study : Category Focus Fuels Integrated Planning

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Client Description

A leading global CPG Manufacturer.


Manufacturer was in need of a new insights-based, go-to-market strategic platform. Manufacturer was under heavy competitive pressure and needed a platform to facilitate joint business planning with key retail customers to reverse declining sales trends.


Develop a market-ready strategic platform for five channels of trade, across three major consumer categories. Strategic platform needed to deliver channel specific shopper and consumer insights along the path-to-purchase. Increase overall sales performance and create greater internal alignment between key functions, departments and brands.

TPG Approach

Deploying TPG’s proprietary Category Leadership Program approach, a go-to-market platform was developed and implemented for five retail channels and leading retailers across three categories. Leveraging TPG’s ”3 D” methodology and tools, a plan was developed to identify key shopper and consumer insights across five channels and three categories. Research findings and shopper insights revealed shopper confusion and frustration driven by section layout and packaging graphics and communication. TPG led multi-functional teams to identify key internal process changes and external changes that improved current joint business planning processes.


Manufacturer is leveraging a new strategic go-to-market platform across all channels of trade in three categories, resulting in a new voice to the customer and greatly improved planning results. CLP approach created greater internal team alignment, new integrated business planning process, and increased sales results. ROI target was achieved within three months of program launch.

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