Brand Strategy
& Execution

In increasingly complex and fragmented marketplaces, brands need to work harder to ensure they break through and connect with consumers in relevant and compelling ways.  This requires a clear brand identify, a deep understanding of the target consumer and competition, a unique and compelling value proposition, and a brilliantly designed consumer experience.  TPG helps bring this theory to practice to create distinctive brands that drive high consumption rates and loyalty, that win in the marketplace long-term.

TPG Solutions

  • TPG works with clients to create new brands and accelerate existing brands.
  • We help you identify where and how brands can improve distinctiveness and create more value for their customers in ways that will build loyalty, consumption and advocacy.
  • Rooted in deep consumer understanding, our time-test process works and can bring vivid clarity to how to win in the marketplace.
  • TPG works to help clients revitalize brands – sometimes evolving and other times fully repositioning brands to increase consumer relevance and distinctiveness, restore growth, and build loyalty. 
  • TPG works with clients to build a clear and complete view of targetable consumer segments, identifying actional insights that will fuel more effective brand strategies, communications and execution.
  • TPG helps clients translate their brand strategies into coherent and distinctive executional designs that deliver superior packaging, superior messaging, superior shopping, and superior usage experiences to maximize trial and repeat.
  • TPG helps take your brands into new markets worldwide, whether you have a brand in Asia looking to expand into North America, from Europe into Latin America or any other geographic brand expansion opportunity we can help you build a geographic brand expansion taking what works in one region but adjusting the brand for the needs of the new markets you are looking to enter to maximize your chance of success while minimizing financial or other risks.
  • TPG helps clients identify, map, design and execute the ideal customer experience. We help clients identify critical moments-of-truth, how to reduce consumer effort along the journey, how to create a more distinctive & rewarding experience, and how to guide the consumer along this journey to a successful end.
  • TPG helps clients improve the profitability and effectiveness of their brand portfolio and product portfolio within a brand.
  • Our efficient process maps and segments consumer needs, jobs-to-be-done, and value-drives to identify how to maximize a portfolio of brands and products.
  • The data from this process is also quite valuable in driving category leadership with retailers.
  • TPG works with clients to help optimize the performance and profitability of their product portfolio through improved pricing ladders and sizing options that cater more competitively to a broader audience and better support brand segmentation efforts.
  • TPG develops tailored dashboards to monitor and diagnose critical in-market success factors. These dashboards provide early warning signs of potential erosion and simple-to-use diagnostic tools to identify ways to strengthen the brand and drive increased sales.
  • TPG brings world-class training to our clients in the areas of Understanding the Market (category growth drivers, jobs-to-be-done, pricing ladders, opportunities to differentiate), Understanding the Consumer (segmentation, targeting, insight identification), Brand Fundamentals (equity, points of difference and parity, architecture, brand stretch, commercial innovation), Breakthrough Communications (moment-of-sale, demand generation, content, media platforms) and Financial Performance (marketing mix analysis, ROI performance, financial success)

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