Buying and Merchandising How will your buyers, category managers and merchants continue to drive profitable baskets while adopting AI, Automation, omnichannel planning and even more data?

TPG defined the Category Management process and supporting tools over 25 years ago. We help retailers across the globe continue to evolve their overall buying and merchandising approaches, skills, technology and organization structure. Results include faster planning and execution, optimized tactics across assortment, price, promo, space and digital, and increased sales and profit. TPG is the world-leader in embedding advanced buying and merchandising capabilities at retail.

TPG Solutions

  • Executive leadership will often revisit their strategy for the merchandising function to ensure that the latest data, tools and processes are being adopted fast.
  • TPG provides a benchmarking tool to identify opportunities across the function and develop a roadmap to full, cutting-edge capabilities.
  • Private brand development has become a strategic imperative for many retailers based upon the ability to create differentiation, grow customer loyalty and enhance profitability.
  • Successful private brand programs require a solid strategic plan, brand architecture and disciplined innovation, business planning and execution.
  • Balancing variety and duplication remains a key retail challenge. Many retailers are studying true item incrementality and uniqueness vs. switching, and store-specific vs. store-clustering to tailor assortment. They are also designing assortments for in-store pickup, ship from store, marketplace and other omni-channel offerings.
  • TPG helps launch disciplined assortment planning processes and advanced AI tools to produce powerful financial results. Improvements for our clients related to item productivity range from 10-30% while increases to overall category sales are between 3-10%.
  • TPG provides proprietary promotion analytics and scenario planning models to assess the category growth from various promotion discounts, frequency, timing, and bundling.
  • Alternatively, TPG can help retailers leverage existing promotion tools or review, source, pilot and install new promotional tools, databases and systems.
  • Retail space, flow and design help drive the shopper’s purchase. Leading retailers seek to increase sales and profit by square foot by understanding shopper motivations, purchase barriers, and behaviors along the consumer and shopper journey.
  • Retailers that are successfully translating these actions are reinventing the shopping experience and driving profitable growth.
  • Lifts measured pre and post space optimization are yielding results for our clients of 6-10% lifts post execution vs control stores.
  • Suppliers assess retailer profitability to make investment choices of “where to play” including direct-to-consumer.
  • Leading retailers form strategic relationships with their suppliers to capture a lean-forward supplier investment level.
  • TPG provides a proprietary supplier segmentation model, supplier scorecard, and supplier management process.
  • TPG provides a comprehensive solution to fully embed a data-driven and strategic negotiation capability in leading retailers.
  • The work can include Benchmarking, Negotiation Strategy, Process and KPIs, Negotiation Training with video workshops, ongoing coaching and support and Technology (AI and insights) to deliver measured profit growth.
  • TPG’s multi-functional Joint Business Planning Program helps retailers transform the relationship, the value chain and business results through aligned strategies and a collaborative execution plan.
  • This includes shared insights to develop strategies and initiatives, dedicated cross-functional resources, and joint investment to drive demand or reduce cost.
  • Omnichannel merchandising, AI and Automation capabilities require new work and organizational change. Enhance your team’s performance by evolving structures, operating models and skill-sets.
  • TPG’s unparalleled industry expertise provides next gen organizational strategy, structure and trainings.

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