Learning & Development Evolve critical capabilities & competencies to ensure effective development of your talent for long-term success.

TPG’s learning and development solutions identifies the competencies that are needed to win, enables clients to assess their talent and to plan for the future, and develops the learning programs to support the evolution of required competencies.

TPG Solutions

  • Enhance your team’s performance by defining the future-proof competencies that are needed to win in a highly competitive and evolving world. 
  • TPG has unparalleled expertise on industry processes and people competencies that are needed to deliver.
  • TPG’s learning and development team develops pragmatic competency frameworks, aligned to the specific needs of the sector & the client, that are the foundation of assessing and developing people.
  • Assess your team’s knowledge and competencies against both the required competency needed to succeed and benchmarks in the industry in order to highlight the degree of talent across teams and focus areas for training and development.
  • TPG’s Talent Assessment solutions include an Organization Performance Benchmark against best practice competencies, and highly customized assessments based on client gap identification to capture specific development opportunities.
  • Design the optimal, competency-based blended curriculum to build the knowledge and competencies of people across multiple functions.
  • TPG’s learning and development experts design tailored, blended curriculums to build the target knowledge and competencies, against either industry best practices or a client’s specific people development needs.
  • We build in highly interactive, flexible solutions and ensure application to the client’s business, to drive & sustain learning.
  • TPG’s holistic capabilities include everything from course blueprints and outlines to the in-house development of interactive training solutions including Instructor-led training (ILTs), e-learning, videos, interactive user guides and toolkits.
  • TPG has deep subject matter expertise across strategy, marketing, category, digital commerce and sales so we know what to train. We offer leading-edge instructional design & graphic design capabilities, so we know how to train.
  • Deliver the right people in the right roles at the right time. TPG’s Succession Planning approach includes the development of robust role descriptions, a framework for job levelling & career pathing and solutions for planning the pipeline, to ensure the right mix of home-grown and outside talent.

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