Category Management Is your Category Management team designed, trained and enabled to deliver advanced, value-added insights to retailers and drive category growth?  

Category Management is rapidly evolving driven by changes in shopper behavior and retailer needs, as well as technology advancements. TPG led the development of Category Management over 25 years ago and continues to be at the forefront of redefining processes, skills, and tools to deliver profitable growth.  We help retailers and suppliers all over the world to evolve their Category Management processes, capabilities, skills, organizational structures and tools to embrace and leverage the changes in our industry. TPG works closely with our clients to evaluate and support the implementation of new AI/Ml driven optimization tools across micro and macro space, price, promotion, report automation, shelf image recognition and rapid testing.  

TPG Solutions

  • TPG helps manufacturers and retailers develop category visions, strategies, and activations to influence shoppers and retailers for sustainable, long-term growth.
  • This work starts with rich insights spanning the consumer & shopper journey, developed from trends, client research, sales & behavioral data. We supplement with our proprietary Journey-to-Loyalty research as needed.
  • Outputs of this work include a clear, aspirational vision for category growth over the next 3-5 years as well as specific, actionable shopper-centric drivers & strategies. 
  • This work includes detailed activation guidelines that deliver growth strategies leveraging the full range of today’s activation opportunities. This includes omni-channel product assortment, shelving, pricing, promotion, eCommerce, retailer media, and in-store marketing.  
  • When done well, Category Leadership becomes the strategic framework that links brand growth plans, shopper engagement, and retailer collaboration.
  • For the past two decades, TPG has helped retailers and suppliers design category management programs for their organizations that efficiently and effectively drive incremental category growth.   
  • With the rapidly changing demands of Category Management, TPG can help refresh and/or redesign an existing program to ensure continued effectiveness with high ROI. 
  • We have extensive experience in designing programs that are tailored to your organization, but leverage future- focused best practice process, templates, and tools.
  • TPG leverages a proprietary segmentation methodology that ensures resources are prioritized and strategically focused on the right suppliers/retailers.  
  • TPG’s Department & Aisle Transformation program aims to reinvent an entire department within a physical store and online by analyzing customer insights and market trends to drive growth and improve shopping experiences.
  • The program involves redefining department categories, understanding consumer behaviors, setting long-term goals, and developing strategic initiatives including macro space allocation, fixtures, signage, retailer media, shopper marketing, and concept testing.
  • The final stages involve refining concepts for commercialization and collaborating with retailers for implementation and testing.
  • Meeting shopper variety expectations in every store and online while ensuring sales growth and operational effectiveness remains a key focus for retailers. 
  • Retailers are challenged with building clustered/store specific/online assortments to meet the needs of unique shopper bases or store formats.
  • To better understand true variety needs, many retailers are incorporating transferable demand models into their assortment evaluation.
  • TPG supports the launch of disciplined assortment planning processes and the selection of advanced AI tools to produce powerful financial results. 
  • Improvements of item productivity of 10-30% while increasing overall category sales by 3-10%.
  • Leveraging the physical and digital retail space effectively to drive sales and profit is a cornerstone of the Category Management process. 
  • Micro and macro space optimization tools based on sales, profitability, operational and loyalty metrics as well as item/space incrementality are critical to leveraging space for greater sales and profit. 
  • Leading retailers seek to increase sales and profit per square foot and are investing in sophisticated tools that allows them to deeply analyze space incrementality at the store/UPC level.
  • TPG has in-depth experience with micro space and schematic development tools as well as macro space optimization tools and leads clients on the tool selection journey and/or understanding how to collaborate more effectively on space with key retailers.
  • TPG has extensive experience in improving promotional effectiveness and has proprietary promotion analytics and scenario planning models to assess the category growth from various promotion discounts, frequency, timing and bundling.
  • TPG can also help retailers and suppliers evaluate, select and implement a promotional optimization software tool as well as train suppliers on how to collaborate more effectively leveraging retailers’ internal promotional optimization tools.
  • Integrating a comprehensive pricing plan into your category strategy is imperative for success. 
  • TPG assists clients with understanding price tier architectures within category need states, price elasticity, price shadowing for private label and evaluating marketplace price positioning. 
  • We also have extensive experience with price optimization software and can assist with tool selection and/or educating on retailer tools for more productive collaboration.
  • The rapidly changing demands of Omni Category Management requires new roles, behaviors, skills and organizational development.
  • Enhance your team’s performance by evolving structures, operating models and skill-sets.
  • Our unparalleled industry expertise provides future-focused organizational strategy, structure and trainings. 
  • TPG has designed an evaluation tool to help measure organizational readiness to address the future needs of Category Management.  
  • TPG has a proprietary digital learning Omni College that can effectively upskill any team on the rapidly changing environment and retailer needs.

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