Store Operations How can retailers ensure that best practices are embedded in the operations of each store?

Retailers are pressured by high labor costs and low retention rates. TPG’s store operations team has the hands-on experience to help retailers develop and implement proven approaches and measure key KPIs, like sales and Customer Satisfaction score improvements, over time.

TPG Solutions

  • Every retailer with a large to mid-size portfolio of stores finds differences in performance both financially (equivalized for size of store, etc.) and in terms of Customer Satisfaction Scores.
  • TPG helps identify and codify the best practices of the top stores that are truly causing/driving top performance and expand/embed their use across the whole portfolio. This includes the development of standardized playbooks, KPI’s, eLearning and 1-to-1 coaching tools and often a new leadership model for store operations lead roles.
  • TPG specializes in future-proofing online fulfillment and improving Units Picked Per Hour from stores for retailers (clients gain an improvement of +10-30% in unit growth). We focus on providing quick wins to enhance efficiency, improve consumer experience, and increase profitability.
  • Services include eProfitability Seminars, Online Fulfillment Strategy Design & Implementation, Automated MFC Integration and Optimization, Manual picking efficiency boosts, and Store Labor Planning & Allocation. 
  • Our team of experts have decades of experience in digital commerce operations.
  • Leading retailers are revisiting how day-to-day, in-store product, space, display and special event merchandising should be done (process/workflow management tech), who should do the work (specialist in-house teams, brokers, suppliers, etc.) and how to manage the costs.
  • TPG helps retailers develop and implement visual merchandising strategies to improve customer communication, product displays, and in-store signage. We also explore the integration of technology in the shopping experience, both in-store and online.
  • TPG reviews and optimizes the execution of buying/merchandising plans, emphasizing the importance of in-stock conditions, signage, and event execution. We assess organizational structures, insourcing vs. outsourcing, and drive speed and efficiency for our clients.

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