Retailers and Manufacturers are under pressure to re-engineer their logistics networks to create high performance, low-cost networks that truly give their business a long-term competitive advantage. Common network optimization drivers typically require the creation of new 5-year strategic logistics plans.

TPG Solutions

  • Develop & implement 3-5 year strategic logistics plans to improve company profitability by driving a low-cost, high-service network with improved visibility.
  • Optimize your global supplier base network costs including suppliers, manufacturing plants, and even to your customer’s final DCs.
  • From design to optimization, to start-up support, TPG’s practitioners have the expertise to turn your distribution network into a competitive advantage while increasing productivity, improving accuracy, and lowering costs.
  • Control the movement of less-than-truckload finished products from suppliers & vendors into lowest cost consolidation center locations, aggregate multiple suppliers products into full truck load, & ship directly to your internal distribution centers for final delivery to customers.
  • Discover network gaps with best-in-class supply chain analytics to help identify flow inefficiencies and improve supply availability.
  • Re-engineer your imports and exports with or without transload operations or overseas consolidation through world-class modeling of your networks.
  • Effective eCommerce fulfillment can help CPG companies meet customer expectations for fast, accurate, and affordable delivery.
  • We can help optimize your existing operations or design a best-in-class operation from scratch to help you reduce costs, improve inventory management, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

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