Transformation Transform for Growth.

The rate of change continues to accelerate and organizations need to evolve their skills & capabilities in order to compete. The pressures on growth and margins make it critical to design and implement the optimal organization to win in the market with the right costs. TPG leverages a comprehensive Organization Productivity Model to assess the current organization and to design & implement the optimal process, roles, KPI’s and talent development solutions, to ensure clients have a fit for purpose organization.

TPG Solutions

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and design to deliver the business strategy.
  • TPG leverages the OPM (Organization Productivity Model) to assess how effective the processes, decision making, roles & structure, KPI’s , talent management and data & insights are in enabling the business to achieve results.
  • We deliver clarity on the processes that need to stop/start/continue, the gaps in competencies and the opportunities to refresh Roles & KPI’s and step-change the management of talent.
  • The optimal organization is not achieved by placing new roles & job titles on an organization chart.
  • Step-change performance and have an effective and efficient organization that is future-proof.
  • TPG’s Organization Design approach documents the core work and processes the organization needs to deliver the strategy. This is inclusive of who does what work, the core Roles required, competencies & KPI’s needed and the talent management solutions that will build the necessary skills of the teams.
  • A key part of any organization design is to enhance your team’s performance by defining the critical competencies that are needed to win in a highly competitive and evolving world.
  • TPG has unparalleled & detailed expertise on industry processes and the competencies that are needed to deliver complex processes.
  • TPG’s learning and development team develops pragmatic competency frameworks, aligned to the specific needs of the sector & the client, that act as the foundation of assessing and developing people.
  • New organizations can be expertly designed but it is the effective implementation of the new design that matters most, especially as people are at the center of the change.
  • TPG understands how to plan and implement organizational change, having led change programs in a multitude of businesses across all sectors.
  • We develop detailed transition plans for process activation, people/policy/performance management, competency development plans, systems & tools, and any culture change that is needed.
  • We work closely with clients to implement the change program, so the change can be embedded and sustained, while supporting buy-in and motivation across the business.
  • In organizational change we ask our people to do new and different work and to work in different ways – people need to understand their new roles and learn how to do the work effectively.
  • TPG’s Role University introduces employees to the changes in their work and KPI’s by giving talent the chance to explore the new ways to working & responsibilities together as a team.
  • Teams dig into their new roles and become proficient in how to do the new work, understanding the role of the individual in the broader picture, giving them a fast-start towards success.
  • Develop and implement initiatives that change culture to enable your desired objectives and strategies.
  • TPG’s culture evaluation and change approach includes Cultural Visioning & Diagnostics and a Culture improvement plan detailing the key elements of the new culture.
  • We embed the new Culture through a series of workshops to develop the vision, core values, leadership principles and a code of conduct.
  • Understand how your Organization compares to peers in the industry in terms of results, core ways of working, Roles, KPI’s, structure and talent development approach.
  • TPG’s extensive knowledge of the leading companies in the industry gives us a unique perspective to enable robust benchmarking across companies.

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