Innovation has always been a key driver of growth.  84% Of executives believe the success of their business is highly dependent on their ability to innovate: however, 80-90% of new products fail to meet their financial objectives.  TPG has a world-class team of innovation experts that have delivered over $14 billion globally in incremental sales growth as practitioners and consultants. We help guide our clients to more fertile innovation territories and assist them in improving their success rates, size-of-prize, and speed-to-market.

TPG Solutions

  • TPG helps clients develop effective innovation strategies that direct and focus innovation in more productive ways.
  • These strategies align the work with business goals, set clear guardrails, define portfolio objectives, allocate resources, and set clear milestone and tracking methods to ensure the innovation efforts are paced and evaluated appropriately. 
  • TPG’s Category Navigator helps clients to assess whitespace (within a market or across the globe) opportunities scoring external factors like category size, growth, trends, competitive pressure, pricing pressure, retail press, and consumer opportunity as well as internal factors, like fit with the broader business strategy, core capabilities, and other internal drivers.
  • This process helps provide clear resolution of the best innovation opportunities.
  • TPG helps clients measure the total addressable and total serviceable markets, identifying critical market forces, trends to ride, challenges and paradoxes to solve, and high-value market sub-segments.
  • TPG leverages a variety of different methods to help clients identify the essential product and messaging elements that are required to win in the market.
  • This helps focus innovation efforts, cost-of-goods investments, and marketing messaging to increase perceived value, consumer satisfaction, and loyalty.
  • Well designed innovation platforms vastly improve innovation success rates, speed-to-market, and competitive advantage. 
  • They align the organizations efforts around a central organizing idea, enabling our clients to deliver a steady stream of successful innovation.
  • TPG is a leader in the development and execution of innovation platforms, creating multiple billion-dollar platforms.
  • TPG helps clients improve lifecycle management, integrating critical elements more efficient including consumer insights, competitive insights, product development, technology development, manufacturing and cost-structure analysis. 
  • This enables our clients to better maximize value and extend competitive advantage over time.
  • TPG’s retail and digital commerce experience combined with supply chain, manufacturing and marketing capabilities enables our clients to build more successful go-to-market programs that more effectively integrate the end-to-end requirements of winning in the market.
  • TPG helps clients find the big idea and develop more disruptive product concepts that drive great appeal and consumption potential.
  • Our approach is rooted in deep consumer insights and understanding how to unlock consumption and create more value for consumers.
  • TPG helps clients incubate early-stage innovations in the market to optimize all elements of the proposition.
  • Using fast-cycle learning and small to moderate scale selling, TPG helps reduce risk, increase the size-of-prize, increase incremental distribution, and prepare for a successful scaled expansion.
  • TPG’s innovation, manufacturing and supply chain teams work in collaboration with our clients to identify how to accelerate innovation within the confines of their existing manufacturing platforms and how to build flexibility and agility to accelerate more disruptive innovations.
  • TPG brings world-class training to our clients in the areas of Innovation Strategy (where-to-innovate, how-to-innovate), Concept & Product Design (design to win factors, how maximize value for consumers, retailers and manufacturers, driving distinctiveness & creating TikTok-able moments), Increasing the Size-of-Prize (driving consumption, broadening appeal), Building Bigger Innovation Platforms, Go-to-Market Playbooks, Learning Agendas, De-Risking & Optimizing Innovations.

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