Technology Are your solutions exceeding expectations and being fully adopted?

Technology companies are launching and marketing solutions to Consumer Products companies and Retailers at a record pace.  Marketing, Merchandising, Supply Chain and IT Executives within Consumer Products and Retail industries are inundated with sales and marketing pitches from tech companies that fail to differentiate their solution.  Often the problem statement is not entirely clear as well.

Leading tech companies refocus on their target customer and prioritize the key problems/opportunities that are urgent and important.  Then they align every aspect of their Go-To-Market strategy which requires deep industry knowledge and responsiveness.  Tech solutions that are on target have accelerated sales gains and lower cost of acquisition.

Other tech companies are seeking a faster path to early proof of concept trials and pilots with retailers or consumer products companies.  After pilots, tech companies often need a consulting partner to help the retailer or consumer products company through change management to adopt and adapt to their technology and unlock full ROI. 

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How We Help

Capabilities Benchmark vs. Market
Clarify Brand Strategy
Target Customer Design
Go-to-Market Sales Planning
Pilot or POC Support
Development Roadmap Review
Change Management
Client Pitch Development


TPG has a 30-year track record and has helped startups and multi-billion dollar technology providers to accelerate sales and profit while focusing new capabilities investments on high ROI products. Our clients benefit from the practical expertise of Global Fortune 500 executives who have been hands-on users and/or buyers of technology solutions in the industry.

Meet the Team

  • Don Baker

    Director | North America

    Don is Director of our Revenue Management Analytics group at The Partnering Group (TPG). Don has...

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  • Peter Leech

    Director | North America

    Peter is the Director responsible for the Digital Commerce practice of The Partnering Group (TPG). While...

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  • Gunn Robison

    Partner | North America

    Gunn Robison is a Partner in the firm in the Customer Development and Organizational Effectiveness...

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  • Dan Salcido

    Partner | North America & Latin America

    Dan leads primarily within our Manufacturer practice yet has had extensive experience with leading...

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  • James Sampson

    Partner | North America

    James is a leader in Insights and Analytics and works with both manufacturers and retailers. He...

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  • Jason Soar

    Partner | North America & Europe

    Jason is a Partner in our Digital Commerce and Supply Chain Practices.  While based in Europe,...

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  • Peter Strong

    Partner | North America

    Peter is a partner located in the United States.  While located in the US, Peter advises Manufacturer...

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  • Valerie Wilson

    Partner | North America

    Valerie is a partner in Customer Development and Retail Practices. She advises clients Globally....

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