SalesEnable a competitive advantage and drive demand in a complex, omnichannel marketplace.

Winning at Retail is more competitive than ever before with disruptive competitors, channel blurring, supply chain disruptions, and inflationary pressures. The industry landscape is changing dramatically with retailers launching new and innovative formats designed to win across the omni-channel ecosystem (retail, online, mobile). As a result, shoppers have more choices as to where and how they shop than ever before. Winning in this environment not only requires a clear understanding of this evolving marketplace, but a robust strategy and processes that enable agile implementation. As experienced practitioners and consultants, we understand your customer development issues and opportunities and will develop the right solutions for a winning plan.

  • TPG’s comprehensive approach uses a combination of advanced analytics, key document evaluation, Client and Customer interviews to provide a clear understanding of an organization’s current state, desired state (benchmarking) and the work required to bridge any gaps.
  • Leverage advanced analytics to define the characteristics, shopper profiles / needs / behaviors and priority categories of all retail channels and formats in the market.

  • Design a 3-year Strategic Plan that identifies the opportunities for competitive advantage within each Channel.

  • Identify the goals & expectations, as well as the value-added products, services & resources to be deployed in each Channel that will help differentiate the manufacturer and provide clear benefits to the retail customers.

  • Winning suppliers know all customers are not created equally, with some customers being more important to their business than others.

  • TPG’s Customer Segmentation approach quantifies and groups customers to provide Manufacturers with a powerful tool for making the right strategic choices to guide the allocation of resources across the organization.

  • Many suppliers and customers find their Annual Planning process is ineffective due to a disconnect between the two companies for a joint strategic vision, inconsistent discipline / process / tools, lack of cross-functional thinking and misaligned KPIs, to name a few.

  • Successful companies with well-defined Joint Business Planning (JBP) processes can formulate win-win plans and focus their resources on the highest ROI activities.

  • TPG’s multi-functional JBP approach helps clients transform the supplier-customer value chain, collaborative relationships and business results by aligning strategies and priorities, and by joint execution of the plan. 

  • Developing and activating effective Business Plans is mission critical for today’s retailers and suppliers.
  • The manufacturing and retailing industry is very competitive and companies that leverage strong business planning processes and tools are gaining clear advantage.
  • Companies with a well-defined intenal Business planning process can formulate winning plans, develop strong product and retail initiatives (due to longer term planning) and execute more effectively and efficiently.
  • TPG’s Customer Business Planning Program helps manufacturers internally develop and activate an effective and efficient plan with all Retailers. This enables Joint Business Plannning over time. 
  • Negotiation is a critical activity to drive profitability requiring key planning skills, financial acumen, negotiation strategies and tactics as well as collaboration and functional alignment.
  • We believe Consumer Products companies must stop approaching negotiation as a siloed sales-function competency and begin to treat it as an organizational cultural cornerstone.
  • TPG’s wholistic negotiation approach will improve results and relationships while preparing your teams for what’s next in the industry. 
  • Successful organizations enable their teams to perform at their best though training and development that is available anytime, anywhere and tailored to their unique business needs. 
  • In today’s challenging environment, having great training content is not enough. The delivery of training needs to be tailored and blended, to the business and individual’s needs.
  • TPG provides multiple modes of training, from online to in-person, specific to advancing sales performance. 
  • Organizations are continually evolving their strategies to win in the marketplace and therefore need to assess and re-design themselves considering their evolving strategic plans and marketplace conditions.
  • TPG’s organization design approach addresses evolving market and customer requirements, your unique organizational goals and ensures that clients have the optimal structure to deliver their strategy.

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