Insights, Research & Influence Consumer and Shopper attitudes, behaviors, and expectations are changing at increasingly fast pace. Are your insights keeping up?

While consumer and shopper change is constant, it has become increasingly challenging to influence behaviors. Companies must have both deep insights and faster learning cycle times.  TPG has developed a set of primary research approaches that meet the needs of today’s manufacturers and retailers.  But we do more than execute research and identify insights.  At TPG, we ensure insights can be directly incorporated into your business strategy to drive growth for your business and ultimately retailer categories.  We create an immediate impact to improve your consumer & shopper influence and drive growth leveraging the full range of today’s activation possibilities.  We offer all our research solutions in countries around the world.

TPG Solutions

  • TPG will review all your past research and available data to create a single source of knowledge.
  • We use proven business questions and an Insights Framework to synthesize this knowledge down to key actionable insights that can impact your business.
  • TPG designs and leads innovative Qualitative Research that doesn’t require sitting through focus groups. Leveraging an interactive platform, we interact with consumers over multiple days to more deeply understand their attitudes, usage, behaviors, and touch points.
  • Participant engagement can include written answers & discussions, user-submitted photos & videos, live discussions, shop-alongs, and data collection. 
  • Sample sizes can range from one-on-ones to quantitative levels.  Automatic transcription and AI tools facilitate learning summaries. And there is essentially no limit to the number of clients that can observe when their schedule allows.
  • TPG’s most frequently leveraged research takes standard quantitative Path-to-Purchase research to a new level. Across all channels, we connect shopper attitudes and behaviors to consumer usage needs and behaviors.
  • Since we know that shoppers shop to fulfill consumer needs, we feel this connection is critical to understanding a longer-term journey to frequent shopping behavior. 
  • Typical outputs for this work include omnichannel Journey Maps, Shopper Profiles, Touch Points, and specific recommendations for shopper engagement including omnichannel retailer recommendations.
  • TPG delivers traditional Consumer Segmentation, but also applies the same rigorous methodology for Shopper Segmentations. Segmentations are always a blend of clustering science and descriptive art. TPG’s experience in Innovation, Marketing, and Go-To-Market Strategies give us a unique perspective to create actionable Segmentations.

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