The Partnering Group is a global strategy & general management growth consultancy that helps companies evolve, innovate, & grow in this fast-paced technology driven ecosystem.

TPG Partners have been executive leaders at many of the world’s most respected retail & consumer products companies. We have a unique ability for developing transformative strategy, activating industry-leading practices, and building high performance organizations.

TPG’s Diverse Client Engagements









The TPG Difference

Our success is based on our practitioner-led approach which enables a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges and opportunities and an un-matched ability to implement with excellence.

We are successful because our team of diverse partners have proven executive experience at many of the world’s most respected companies and our talent is known for providing innovative, yet pragmatic solutions that our clients can activate.

Our people enable our mission: To accelerate the growth of leading retailers, distributors and consumer product companies worldwide through industry-leading capabilities.

Our Core Values Our values reflect our team’s commitment to maintaining relevancy in a dynamic environment.

We Are Client-Centric

We anticipate & address their wants & needs

We are obsessed with the success of our clients & their communities

We create value by listening and being heard

We are humble and gracious


We Operate With Integrity

We maintain an independent & pragmatic perspective

We never compromise ourselves, our clients or the firm

We preserve our clients’ confidences

We do what’s right, always


We're All In

We desire to be servant leaders within our industry and our communities

We are committed to each other and the firm’s success

We must be relevant practitioners & consultants

We cherish intellectual growth & have a sense of urgency

We are stewards of our assets


We Are a True Partner

We create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people

We strive to have a diverse team within a fair & caring meritocracy

We have an obligation to develop one another

We welcome sincere dissension and contrarian views

We encourage collective greatness over individual accomplishment


We Demonstrate Our Values Within Our Work

We thrive as energetic entrepreneurs

We are selective in what we do and with whom we do it

Our environment promotes flexibility & happiness

We lead with optimism


Innovation Solutions

We work side by side with senior executives to accelerate execution through a blend of analytical and management approaches.

Rooted In Partnership

TPG formalized category management for retailer and CPGs, when it was founded over 30 years ago. Today, we work collaboratively with our clients to unlock levers for growth and profitability, create meaningful strategies, provide leading planning and demand-generating best practices, and help design and develop winning organizational capabilities and culture. Our solutions are rooted in empowering clients’ performance in an omni-channel, AI-driven world.


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