Consumer Electronics Can you accelerate the rate of adaptation inside your retail marketing, merchandising and operations to match the rapid changes in tech, competition and consumer behavior?

In today’s dynamic consumer electronics market, the boundaries of innovation are being constantly pushed, influenced by pioneering tech startups and the convergence of software, hardware, and enhanced connectivity solutions. The rise of VR/AR is not just redefining gaming but also transforming home and business productivity, as well as exercise regimens. The budding promise of the metaverse beckons a new era of interconnected digital realities, reshaping how we perceive and interact with the virtual world. AI assistants, now imbued with greater agency, are proactive partners in our daily lives.

Yet, with swiftly evolving consumer demands, emerging product categories, and the intricacies of global supply chains and regulations, the industry faces monumental challenges. 

Leading brands will continue to invent or redefine new product categories and help their retail partners add incremental sales and profits through data driven growth tactics.

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Omni Category Management
eCommerce Growth Plan with Retailers
Assortment & Space Optimization
Price & Promotion Optimization
In-store Experiences and Selling
Retail Digital Media
Joint Value Creation with Retailers
Organization Design & Talent Development
Analytically Driven Negotiation Skills


TPG has served the top 5 leaders in the Technology & Electronics space. Our clients have a combined revenues of over $1.8 billion annually. Our clients benefit from the practical expertise of former retail and consumer products executives who have led the latest best practices in the industry.

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  • Andy Buteux

    Partner | North America

    Andy is a partner, in our Revenue Management, Supply Chain and Organizational Design Practices....

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  • Ian Hogg

    Managing Director | EMEA/APAC

    Ian is Managing Director for Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. Ian leads a team of TPG Partners...

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  • Mike Holcomb

    Managing Director | Americas

    Mike is the Managing Director of the America’s. Mike serves the top 100 global companies in...

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  • Peter Leech

    Director | North America

    Peter is the Director responsible for the Digital Commerce practice of The Partnering Group (TPG). While...

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  • Gunn Robison

    Partner | North America

    Gunn Robison is a Partner in the firm in the Customer Development and Organizational Effectiveness...

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  • Vibha Jain Tuli

    Partner | North America

    Vibha is a Partner in our Digital Commerce Practice. She assists brands & retailers with creating...

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