Digital Commerce Advance your total organization’s digital commerce skills and drive profitable sales growth for the long-term.

Digital disruption requires companies to evolve their strategies, people, processes and competencies to grow profitably.  TPG’s practitioner-led approach advances knowledge, skills and capabilities across your total organization from marketing and sales functions, to revenue management, supply chain and IT, so digital commerce is democratized, not disruptive.

TPG Solutions

  • Develop, adapt and optimize strategies to meet the demands of the modern digital marketplace.
  • Determine the vision for where to play and how to win in the digital ecosystem and deliver sustained growth.
  • Our eCommerce Roadmap drives growth with key retail partners including addressing cross channel conflicts, retailer profitability, dynamic pricing, eCommerce fees and SKU de-listings.
  • TPG’s team of partners have led strategies in the online grocery space for more than two decades, and have proven expertise in driving & executing online grocery solutions that include Click-and-Collect and Home Delivery.
  • TPG helps retailers to future-proof their online fulfillment & supply chain strategies by enabling them to see what’s coming instead of reacting to what’s here.
  • We offer quick wins to lift efficiency, improve consumer experience, and increase profitability.
  • TPG eCommerce experts with deep digital experience have created training content and certification programs for many of the largest online retailers and CPGs in the world.
  • TPG provides a full eCommerce training curriculum that can be customized to your needs and desired delivery mode.
  • Brick & mortar, pure-play ecommerce and multi-channel retailers have identified digital marketing as an engine of growth.
  • Leading retailers are developing an integrated digital strategy with initiatives to drive growth that are measured and prioritized with a common approach.
  • TPG’s proven approach provides a strategic roadmap to win in digital marketing.
  • Deliver efficiency and effectiveness through enhancing content, organic search and retail digital media investments in conjunction with business objectives.
  • TPG’s industry-recognized leaders help suppliers assess performance, plan, integrate and prioritize investments across channels and retailers and optimize investments to drive returns. Our clients commonly achieve an increase of 30% in ROI post-engagement.
  •  TPG’s approach addresses “True Lift” in retail digital media search strategies, integrating paid and organic efforts to drive incrementality and minimize waste.
  • Digital disruption requires organizations to continually assess and evolve in order to enhance their competitive advantage.
  • Enhance your team’s performance by evolving structures, operating models and skill-sets to deliver in a digital world and improve delivery of unified commerce strategies.
  • TPG’s unparalleled industry expertise and experience provides world-class organizational strategy, structure and trainings custom to supplier’s unique needs.
  • Build loyalty and engagement with consumers while delivering personalized experiences and innovation.
  • From developing marketing and innovation hubs, to determining retail launch readiness and testing and gathering insights, a DTC strategy can yield gains in market share by maximizing capabilities.
  • Identify and optimize critical supply chain opportunities to unlock efficiencies and increased profitability.Deliver customer value while optimizing operating costs. 
  • TPG’s experienced team designs and implements breakthrough and sustainable results in procurement and sourcing strategies, incentive-based pricing and services, sales and operations planning, manufacturing productivity and network optimization.

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