Revenue Growth
Management Deliver profitable RGM models and programs

Both Retailers and Manufacturers are challenged to improve their ability to make better investment decisions.  New models, advanced analytics and new measures have clouded the best approaches.  Both retailers and suppliers desire productivity improvements.  TPG has developed a framework leveraging people, processes and systems to streamline and improve decision making.

TPG Solutions

  • TPG has developed a model that incorporates different aspects of business strategy, analytics and work processes to deliver immediate improvement.
  • This model is repeatable and it allows Manufacturers to be very targeted with future data-based investments.
  • TPG will help clients develop a 3-year strategic plan which will outline key “where to play & how to win” elements as well as the core work processes and capabilities required to execute in the marketplace.
  • We assist clients in identifying RGM core work outputs, developing the associated roles and work processes for integration.
  • Our Organization Design work will include job descriptions, role competencies, information and system support required.
  • We will assign key performance indicators to monitor overall progress.
  • We develop a suite of analytic tools based on your available data to improve data-based decision making.
  • We install pre & post evaluation tools, EDLP analysis and scenario planning to include pros/cons for both trading partners.

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