Data, Tech & AI Do your teams have the AI, Analytics and Automation technology required to win? Is your data orchestrated and governed to feed those breakthrough tools?

Retailers and suppliers are seeking to increase productivity and drive financial performance by testing, adopting and integrating new technologies.  This change management process, for many companies, is not moving fast enough.  Adoption is hamstrung by data that is siloed, inaccurate and underutilized.  TPG helps companies accelerate the path to ROI from these investments.  Our team has led this work in some of the world’s largest companies, helping them move from diffuse one-off projects to a corporate vision and action plan.  We help prioritize the right tools and data to quickly gain results.  And we implement change management in processes, roles and org structure to ensure full utilization.

TPG Solutions

  • TPG helps retailers and suppliers acquire, orchestrate and govern crucial data sets to enable a data-centric organization.
  • Our practical expertise in applying data and developing insights uncovers new growth opportunities for clients.
  • Data strategy is key to understanding shopper needs, defining category and brand opportunities and streamlining operations.
  • Retailers are seeking to upgrade key merchandising systems including assortment, space management, inventory planning, pricing and promotion tools.
  • TPG partners are experienced merchandising leaders and use their knowledge of providers to help prioritize, select and enable these key systems for in-store and online activation.
  • TPG provides a landscape view of the top AI Use Cases for key retailer and supplier commercial functions.
  • We assist in tech and data RFPs to identify the right off-the-shelf or home-grown AI solutions. 
  • We help launch and embed AI tools while managing risks of data misuse or IP infringement.
  • We help suppliers launch DTC sites and help retailers upgrade and expand their eCommerce experience and fulfillment efficiency.
  • This involves assessing objectively the business requirements and designing the minimum customer experience as an input into RFP, system selection, integration and launch.
  • In organizational change we ask our people to do new and different work and to work in different ways – people need to understand their new roles and learn how to do the work effectively.
  • TPG’s Role University introduces employees to the changes in their work and KPI’s by giving people the chance to explore the new ways to working & responsibilities together as a team.
  • They get to dig into their new roles and become proficient in how to do the new work, understanding the role of the individual in the broader picture, giving them a fast start towards success.
  • TPG helps retailers and suppliers to develop a dialog with customers and target messages and incentives to improve loyalty.
  • Often technology for campaign management, audience targeting, automation/triggering is not in place and new centralized customer data repositories are required.
  • TPG provides a roadmap to the right tools for your CRM goals.

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