Marketing Performance

Brand marketing faces several challenges that make it both more difficult and more important than ever to develop smart, effective strategies and executions. These challenges stem from changes in technology, consumer behaviors, market dynamics, and broader societal trends. TPG has an elite team of marketers that have helped generate over $6 billion in incremental growth through improved marketing across developed and emerging markets.  We help our clients address the increasingly complex landscape to build more effective and more profitable marketing programs that drive sustained growth.

TPG Solutions

  • TPG helps clients build more effective marketing strategies with clear objectives, well-defined target consumers, coherent & compelling strategies, an effective marketing mix, robust content, and compelling customer engagement, all grounded in data and sound KPI’s.
  • TPG, in partnership with KEEN Decision Systems, implements cutting-edge marketing mix models to improve marketing effectiveness and decision-making.
  • Our approach to MMM offers real-time marketing insights to help you learn from what you’ve spent, pivot based on your goals, and predict the best path to create value.
  • TPG helps clients build more comprehensive and effective marketing funnels serving both the short-term and longer-term needs of the business, driving immediate sales while also building brand equity over-time to increase loyalty and pricing power.
  • We help clients take a holistic view of the customer’s journey, crafting messaging and selecting media channels that resonate with the audience at each stage.
  • TPG helps clients optimize message effectiveness and targeting through fast-cycle in-market testing supported by deep insights and consumer research.
  • This combined method helps clients understand what to say and how to say it, and how to continue to optimize the messaging.
  • TPG helps clients develop the deep category, behavioral, financial and retail insights to create more effective shopper and commerce marketing programs.
  • These programs support activation across a unified commerce ecosystem across in-store and online shopping, while enabling integration within the holistic media, content and creative strategies and activations.
  • TPG helps clients navigate the fastest-growing, highly complex retail media channel through aligning brand and financial goals to category and media performance realities. 
  • We help guide strategy and implementation to improve ROI, while developing tools, capabilities, and a roadmap to continue to accelerate growth for the longer-term.
  • TPG has spent the past two decades optimizing a 5-step process to improve our clients’ ability to test, learn and optimize critical elements of their marketing plan. 
  • TPG brings world-class training to our clients in the areas of Understanding the Consumer (segmentation, targeting, insight identification), Breakthrough Communications (moment-of-sale, demand generation, content, media platforms) and Financial Performance (marketing mix analysis, ROI performance, financial success).

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