Merchandising Services

As we continue to expand our services to meet our client’s needs, we want to announce we have increased our capabilities to include Merchandising Services. As marketing, merchandising and operations work on creating an enhanced customer experience, the role of Merchandising Services, has garnered attention. At TPG we look at how this organization impacts the customer experience and interacts with the core retail functions and suppliers.

Specifically, we transform Merchandising Services through our work around:

  1. Vision & Strategy
  2. Visual Merchandising
  3. Merchandising Execution
  4. Store and Space Planning

Our team of professionals is committed to providing clients with the following:

  • Accurate and thorough understanding of the client’s current and desired customer experience
  • Holistic design and implementation of the role, processes and capabilities of Merchandising Services within the retail enterprise
  • Sustainable, material success, ultimately, enhancing the customer experience, profitably

Please contact us to learn more about our merchandising services expertise and experience.

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