Building the Retail Brand (corporate and/or Banner) as well as private label is paramount in further differentiating themselves within the highly competitive retail landscape. And, this is especially true today where there are more choices than ever, including the ecommerce channel, from which customers can browse and buy.

A partial listing of our subject matter expertise and library of courses are listed below. Please click to view course descriptions.



Retail Training Curriculum


Brand Development

The art and science of creating equity for your brand in the minds, and hearts, of consumers and shoppers.


The ability to effectively communicate internally as well as externally for stakeholders in your brand promise.

Shopper Marketing

The ability to develop and implement shopper marketing campaigns that build your retail brand and that of you supplier partner, driving shopper engagement and advocacy.

Multicultural Marketing

The ability to identify segments of ethnic and lifestyle consumers/shoppers in order to develop and implement marketing plans.

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