Social/Digital Marketing

Course Description

Participants will learn the foundations of social and digital marketing and how it is leveraged to drive traffic, sales and profits in-store and through company website. Participants will gain insights into the transformational change occurring within marketing as consumers and shoppers shift their attention to social and digital media. Training will cover the use, mechanics, metrics and benefits of social and digital marketing channels including: email, mobile, social media, search, affiliates, shopping engines, lead generation, behavioral targeting, online games, promotions and others. Participants will take away a clear understanding of core digital marketing strategy, tools and how to apply them in their marketing plans.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the consumer trend toward digital and social media as a fast growing share of their media consumption.
  • Obtain a clear, high-level definition and visual map of Social and Digital Marketing as a holistic marketing approach
  • Learn about more traditional digital channels including search (paid, behavioral, organic) and email including key metrics.
  • Gain a practical understanding of social marketing tools including Facebook, Twitter, customer reviews and YouTube as well as key metrics
  • Explore digital promotion tools including mobile apps and QR codes, online coupons, online games and sweepstake promotions and how they are used for sales lift and lead generation.
  • Understand key components required to build a successful overarching digital marketing plan inclusive of testing methods and ROI metrics.


  • Instructor led
  • Webinar
  • Experiential
  • e-learning

Target Audience

Any person, from any industry, within the Marketing function, who is interested in learning about Social-Digital Marketing. Typical participants include Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Senior Managers, and Directors of Marketing.

Supported Behaviors

Marketing and Business Strategy Development
Advertising and Creative Development
Media Strategy and Execution
Customer Initiatives, Events Development and In-Store Mdsg

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