Go-To-Market Strategy

Designing the right Go-To-Market strategy for the company, business unit, channel or sales organization should lead to a step change revenue, profit and share growth. It also empowers and motivates the organization with clear direction and metrics to achieve results on their segment of the overall business. Many companies have not made clear choices based on the size of prize of each strategic plank and spend the majority of the time managing the monthly number. Quantifying that clear size of prize is really what motivates the organization to rally around the choices and find a way to deliver them.

TPG Partner, Kevin Edwards has a diverse background both domestically and internationally where he spent most of his career with Procter & Gamble and Novartis reinventing the Go-To-Market Strategy, Plans and Metrics where he then led them to fruition. Based on his roles, he also works with clients on best practices in Global Customer Management, Joint Value Creation, Trade Fund Management, Channel Differentiation and Integrated Commercial Planning.