Case Study: Marketing A New Proposition

Case Study: Marketing A New Proposition


Client Description

Regional Supermarket Retailer


Very successful supermarket retailer that was facing an emerging field of diverse competitors. With a solid base of loyal shoppers, the retailer needed to reestablish and communicate a meaningful proposition vis-à-vis the competitors. As a traditional supermarket chain, identifying and articulating a meaningful proposition, bridging the past with the future, would be a formidable challenge.


Identify and market a new point-of-difference, a new proposition to their target shopper.

TPG Approach

  • Through research and analysis, TPG validated the future relevancy of the client’s target shopper.
  • TPG completed a consumer and retail analysis for the entire portfolio
  • TPG helped the client prioritize the portfolio based upon multi-faceted criteria
  • TPG assisted the client in creating the new proposition and communication brief


  • Successful repositioning within the marketplace
  • New advertising format
  • Reallocation of advertising and merchandising resources to priority departments


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