Case Study: Leveraging Category Management In Produce

Client Description

Regional Food Retailer with diverse markets and stores


  • Retailer’s Produce Department was profitable but sales were not keeping pace with the total store
  • Store markets ranged from urban to rural seasonal vacation locations
  • Robust loyalty program yet the insights were rarely utilized
  • Shrink was a growing concern


Focus on the Tomato category evaluating the competitive market landscape and the shoppers across the store base to identify opportunities to drive differentiation, improve sales and reduce shrink

TPG Approach

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Tomato shopper and how the purchase behavior changes seasonally
  • Evaluate the current product offering on a seasonal basis repositioning the retailer with a variety statement
  • Assess the current in-store handling practices to reduce damages


  • A produce store segmentation was developed identifying the trip and demographic characteristics of each store.
  • Seasonal assortment optimization focused on introducing a variety of different tomatoes with varying eating experiences.
  • Seasonal modular merchandising solution designed to better display and signage to educate the shopper calling out the product qualities.
  • Developed Tomato training for stores staffers driving awareness and understanding of different products and the appropriate handling practices to be followed.
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