Case Study: Adapting and leveraging Category Management as a core enabler of a retailer’s growth and market expansion strategy.

Client Description

Fast growing regional Chinese retailer recognized the need to develop Category Management capabilities as key component for a disciplined growth and market expansion strategy


  • Senior management recognized the need to introduce basic Category Management methods as a key discipline and common language within the company to support a rapid multi-market growth strategy
  • Retailer wanted to be among the first Chinese retailers to successfully implement Category Management methods to enhance market positioning and also to enhance its ability to attract equity financing to support aggressive growth plans
  • Aggressive expansion plan opening a number of new stores in a new regional markets and desired to use Category Management principles in the design for new store formats


  • Introduce and adapt the basic Category Management process for use in the retailer’s operating environment (minimal data, unsophisticated current merchandising methods, no prior experience with Category Management methods).
  • Provide initial success stories to create internal enthusiasm and support for broad scale implementation of Category Management.

TPG Approach

  • Evaluated the retailer’s current “go-to market” and growth strategies and integrated Category Management as a core delivery vehicle for these corporate strategies
  • Trained entire Merchandising and Buying organization on basic Category Management methods adapted for use in retailer’s environment
  • Facilitated the development and implementation of 24 Category Plans using this process
  • Incorporated Category Management principles in design of new store format.


  • Successfully implemented basic Category Management disciples and methods for first time in local owned retailer organization in China.
  • Achieved double digit sales increases in majority of 24 categories in which Category Plans were completed
  • Category Management principles incorporated in successful introduction of retailer’s new store design
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