Case Study: Deli Shopper Engagement

Client Description

Regional Food Retailer and leading supplier of Deli products


  • Deli department sales were stagnant and customers found the case difficult to shop.
  • Supplier sought to help retailer and build internal capabilities to further develop its expertise.


Improve the arrangement and presentation of Deli products making it easier for shoppers to find the products they want and encourage the purchase of additional products.

TPG Approach

  • Led shopper-driven research study to understand how shoppers shop the Deli counter identifying they shop by product type and not by brand.
  • Created a new category segmentation and merchandising layout organized by type of meat.
  • Implemented new layout eliminating clutter and reducing “noise” to simplify the message.


  • Retailer experienced improved sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Supplier redefined how it views the category and restructured the recommendations it makes to its customers

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