Case Study: Accelerating the Growth of Organic Produce

Case Study: Accelerating the Growth of Organic Produce


Client Description

Regional Food Retailer


Sales of Organics within the Produce Department were comparatively small but keeping pace with the competition. However, the section was largely non-differentiating.


Out perform the competition utilizing Organics as a point of difference educating the shoppers on the benefits and qualities of the products.

TPG Approach

  • A comprehensive competitive market analysis was identified key opportunities to create a differentiated offering.
  • Clustered the stores identifying the high potential Organics stores.
  • Increased the variety and depth in key segments of the category.
  • Improved the shopper education at shelf highlighting the qualities and eating experience of the various products.
  • Introduced a “freshness guarantee” supported by store associate training, supply chain refinements, and handling practice improvements ensuring the availability of a high quality product for the shopper.


  • Market leading sales growth versus competition.
  • Substantial increase in household penetration among top shoppers for the category.

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