Building Shopper Marketing Capability

Building Shopper Marketing Capability to meet the ever increasing expectations of today’s shoppers is mandatory for generating sustainable growth.

TPG Partner Veerle Boone transforms our clients’ marketing model from a brand-centric ‘push’ model to a shopper-centric ‘pull’ model.

As a former British American Tobacco sales and marketing executive, Veerle brings extensive international hands-on experience and passion to delivering shopper marketing strategies tailored to each client’s challenges. How is your industry adjusting to shopper marketing capabilities to meet the rapidly evolving demands of today’s powerful shoppers?

Designing effective shopper marketing strategies and solutions in a world where consumers and shoppers are powerful, and brands are grateful, is necessary to thrive. This approach begins with developing a holistic Shopper Marketing Strategy, anchored in category, brand, retailer, touchpoint and shopper insights, and then making a fact-based decision on the most effective way to win the purchase – anytime, anywhere!

‘Sweet spot’ Shopper Marketing solutions are designed with a clear understanding of shopper requirements in the online and offline world and along the path to loyalty. They are designed ‘with the end in mind’ i.e. to deliver against specific category, brand and retailer objectives. They lead to an optimized marketing investment. But most importantly, they are pragmatic and simple… So simple that excellent execution is guaranteed.

Learn how TPG’s Shopper Marketing Practice is helping CPG companies find the ‘Shopper Marketing’ sweet spot.