The Critical Need for Leading with a Vision to Guide Buying & Merchandising

Buying and Merch.- Brad Wise Blog Post-05Amid rapid changes in technology and consumer trends, category planning has become more important than ever. The Partnering Group’s real-world business experience and analytics expertise are assets that set it apart in the Buying & Merchandising domain. As retailers strive to understand the strategic resources they must bolster to propel their business, TPG is there to help develop best in class strategic and tactical solutions.

Retailers are looking to effectively engage their shoppers to create the most profitable relationships with their best customers. TPG’s expertise helps bridge that gap with practical guidance on elements such as private label, promotion, price, and assortment in an increasingly challenging e-commerce environment. TPG Associate, Brad Wise has been at the ground level leveraging TPG’s model for customized shopper insight and business planning content, helping retailers achieve their growth goals with tools, for example, that quantify promotional lift and ROI. Most recently, his analytics experience across retail, manufacturing and technology has enabled him to leverage TPG’s perspective on Promotion Planning, helping retailers reach their planned growth objectives.