Value Chain Optimization


The Opportunity

The value chain represents Supply and Demand activities focused on delivering value to the consumer with the primary focus on streamlining product, information, and cash flows between manufacturer and retailer trading partners. Industry leaders are increasingly exploring opportunities within their Value Chain to eliminate waste and more effectively serve their customers. When seeking to optimize the Value Chain, manufacturers and their customers must understand the interdependency of activities and the effect of strategic and operational choices. TPG works collaboratively with trading partners using a detailed process and analytical tools to deliver typical savings of 5-15% of cost of goods sold.


Retail Operations


What We Do

TPG works collaboratively with trading partners to deliver improvements in the flow of products, information, and cash. A partial list of our consulting services include:

  • Scope Definition: Defines the extent and limits of the processes to be optimized, based on a Value Chain assessment and collaborative input between trading partners. Examples of these processes include: Demand and operational planning, Plant, Distribution and Store operations, and Shopper Satisfaction.
  • Process Documentation: TPG documents each work process within scope and identifies inputs, outputs, and metrics. Process analysis then identifies performance against best practices, and ideal loss targets..
  • Financial and Operational Alignment to Priority Projects : Based on process documentation and loss analyses, TPG works internally and across trading partners to align stakeholders to the appropriate projects to achieve the desired results.
  • Implementation : TPG co-leads the delivery of selected projects to deliver the desired results. Project milestones and monthly performance reviews are conducted to stay on track to project expectations.

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