Hi-Po Training Builds Capability

Hi-Po Training Builds Capability



A global multi category retailer recognized that its commercial teams didn’t’t have the right level of skill and capability to deliver its growth ambitions, and further that it was losing hi potential colleagues as they felt dissatisfied with their training and development. The retailer asked TPG to assess its current Talent Development approach and recommend improvements to raise skill levels and improve retention and development of high performing colleagues.

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We started our work with the client by assessing the current skills and competencies used in the business vs TPG Retail Best Practices, and identified clear gaps and improvements areas. Working with a client team we developed a new generation of skills framework, which was then used to assess the commercial team. From this assessment we were able to develop a blended curriculum (70-20-10) with the client, which had selected modules and coaching approaches focused on HiPo individuals and their unique needs in the business. The blended approach ensured that colleague in the retailer spent time on developing live actions and work they could use in their day to day roles, as opposed to working on purely theoretical concepts and ideas.


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Following the roll out of this new talent development approach capability scores have moved from 57% to 87%, and retention of Hi Po individuals has more than doubled.