Case Study: Automotive Aftermarket Retailing Success

Case Study: Automotive Aftermarket Retailing Success


Client Description

Automotive Aftermarket Retailer – North America


  • A regional retailer in the automotive aftermarket sought to expand dramatically in the highly competitive aftermarket retail market.
  • This retailer acquired another regional player and needed to integrate and realize the benefits of the acquisition.


Assist the new leadership team in developing and implementing a new, go-to-market strategy impacting every facet of the enterprise.

TPG Approach

  • TPG assisted the new leadership team in developing and refining the corporation’s strategies to include transformational end-to-end business planning techniques. TPG also developed category business planning for this client to include both retail stores and commercial account management.
  • TPG led cross-functional teams from the retail client and selected suppliers in category business planning pilots covering auto care products and application parts.
  • TPG designed and implemented a collaborative planning symposium for the suppliers of this retailer to address supply chain planning opportunities in the aftermarket industry.


  • Over the course of two years, category sales and profit growth driven by robust strategy, effective product mix, pricing and merchandising helped drive the client’s stock price from $20 per share to over $40 dollars per share.

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