Case Study: Redesigning For A New Vision and Strategy

Case Study: Redesigning for a New Vision and Strategy


Client Description

Leading European Retailer


Leading retailer had created a new strategy to drive growth. The strategy included entry into new consumer products sectors, new demand creation practices, revamping their shopper loyalty program and addressing customer service. Overall, the leadership team’s objective was to create a more shopper-centric culture.


Reorganize the critical demand creation functions including shopper research, procurement, merchandising, marketing and own label around shopper-based practices. Encourage behavior and results that enhance shopper loyalty before profit.

TPG Approach

  • TPG started with the “work” required to create a shopper-centric culture. As such, TPG identified several critical work streams that had to be reengineered, incorporating proven, best practices.
  • TPG then assisted the client team in designing the optimal organization (including decision making, roles, KPI’s, rewards, competencies, insight/system requirements, and structure) to do the newly identified work.
  • As part of the design, TPG reshaped the client’s view of their shoppers through a breakthrough structural orientation.
  • Finally, TPG helped bring the design to life through a thorough and well-orchestrated implementation.


  • New shopper-facing organization design (insights, planning, structure, KPI’s rewards, etc.).
  • Accelerated growth (shopper loyalty, revenue, share & profit)
  • Achievement of strategy


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