Promotional Planning and Retail Execution – Process Reinvention

Promotional Planning and Retail Execution – Process Reinvention


Client Description

Innovative Regional Supermarket Company with multiple banners and formats


A critical need was identified to dramatically improve the areas of forecasting, promotion planning integration and demand driven merchandising and operations across a multitude of unique banners and formats. The existing process and approach for planning routine advertising and promotional activities, forecasting demand for procurement and successful execution and implementation in the retail locations was not successfully meeting the needs of the organization and required reinvention.


Build a national philanthropic campaign and a toolkit for turnkey store execution of community-based events.

TPG Objectives

  • Overhaul the end-to-end process in order to deliver a more disciplined, efficient and effective system and to help the client to be seen as category thought leaders by their supplier partners.
  • Improve collaboration, specifically to include early on input and ownership from category managers, supplier partners and store operations teams as well as the procurement and supply chain functions.

TPG Approach

  • Current state discovery and documentation of existing practices and procedures that were successful and should be retained in the future design, as well as identification of material misses to design out of the new system.
  • Redesign of the specific work activities, proper sequencing and specific timing to include an enhanced and defined procedure for collaborative promotional planning; Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and decision rights, integrated into the existing functional roles
  • Identification of scorecarding tools and procedures to assure accountability within each functional area of the system;
  • Documentation of critical success factors and requirements for implementation and effective adaptation of the newly designed process;
  • The creation and adoption of an aligned marketing – procurement forecast to assure what is expected from procurement and merchandising teams meet the financial budgets and expectations of the plan.


  • ~ 33% improvement in plan production timing and communication to all stakeholders
  • Enhanced engagement with supplier partners leveraging incremental resources
  • >25% reduction in hard cost waste from rework and errors in promotion collateral