On-Site Search Accelerator

Loyalty Marketing Program

As the number one tool to drive eCommerce sales, Retailer On-Site Search has become the market share battleground for CPG’s. Increasing competition, ineffective KPI’s, and duplication with organic rankings have made it a complex and expensive aspect of retail media for CPG’s to navigate.

What We Do

TPG’s Search Accelerator Platform helps CPG’s avoid ROI waste, increase incremental sales, and integrate Paid and Organic teams to win on the digital shelf.

TPG’s approach will unlock strategies for “True Lift,” help companies prioritize and create a fluid model for capturing total portfolio growth while creating sustainable strategies for teams managing paid and organic rankings. TPG helps CPG’s by providing meaningful KPI’s and measurement tools for strategies all along the funnel, share of voice and ROI benchmarking, an ROI forecasting tool, and a comprehensive search playbook that enables teams to win in the digital marketplace.