Category Management Skills Building



A leading convenience store retailer was experiencing a significant sales declines in its business, driven primarily by a loss in traffic to its stores. The retailer asked TPG to help it diagnose why this loss was occurring and to recommend how to improve its customer offer across the store to rebuild its sales position and market share in key global markets.


We started by analyzing the clients overall store and category performance, including shopper loyalty metrics and soon found that there were no clear category roles to enable the retailer to deliver its overall retail proposition. It was also evident that each category had become over ranged, and lost its customer focus on pricing and promotion. Our solution was to develop a new and integrated approach to total store and category planning, that placed shopper needs at its heart and ensured and fact based planning was embed by the business. This was delivered through a blended learning (70-20-10) approach, with training workshops, coaching guides and hands on help to build new store and category business plans across major global markets. A key part if this approach was improving supplier collaboration, to create new category partnerships to increase the quality of plan development and execution.


Following implementation the business has seen sales rises of over 10% on a same store basis, and profit at over 15%. In addition the capability measures for this retailer rose from ‘Foundation’ to ‘Advanced’ in all key markets

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