Private Brands Strategy for the Future

Private Brands Strategy for the Future



A large mid-American retailer’s private brand share percentage had been eroded to a lower percentage verses its competition, in addition to the reality of a steady decline for a number of years running. The retailer had an awakening that it lacked a private brand vision which would guide the development of meaningful objectives, a robust strategy and crystalized roadmap for growth. In parallel, the retailer was experiencing unclear merchandising guidelines which had led to inconsistent and sub-optimal execution throughout the store. With limited private brand marketing support and a very small (and outsourced) private brand organization, the retailer struggled to grow where greater margin should have been within reach. As a result, a relationship began with TPG with the need for defining the retailer’s private brand objectives and strategy for the next 3-5 years. Orchestrating a private brand roadmap with clear actions steps, timelines and roles & responsibilities would build a critical foundation, while constructing the optimal private brand organization that would in-turn execute the strategy would be the key to delivering tangible results.

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We began by conducting quantitative and qualitative assessments, and then defining respective brand targets for the next year and a 3-year horizon – on a total, department and category level. Spearheading a proprietary process for illuminating the sales and margin opportunity for the company, followed by brand architecture development, positioning and guidelines for bringing the vision to life, allowed for strategic alignment quickly. In order to create a supportive structure in-sync with the new vision, we built a dedicated private brand organization, governance and culture, and delivered store execution guidelines and marketing communication.


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Excitement and alignment across the organization demonstrated immediate achievement. In addition, attaining consistency across merchandising tactics (pricing, promotion, shelving), plus impactful packaging design on-shelf which delivered positive feedback among shoppers demonstrated a tremendous win. The retailer is continuing to increase share in-line of targeted growth.