Case Study: Redesigned Processes Increase Availability

Client Description

National CPG retailer and wholesale partner.


In Stock Availability as driver of collaborative business planning between suppliers, wholesaler, and retailer


Improve in stock performance from 85% to 95%.

TPG Approach

  • Develop Collaborative planning approach across all business units
  • Reliability assessment and improvement process from Supplier-Wholesaler- Retailer
  • Computer Assisted Ordering Unit Best Practice Assessment
  • VMI Best Practice Assessment
  • Established Event Management process
  • Developed improved Major Sale Distributions to retail process
  • Improved to the shelf Data Integrity


  • Monthly in-stocks have increased availability by 60% w/ no excess inventory
  • 2% Merchandising Out of Stocks
  • DOH reduced 33%, On Time +96%
  • 7 pt Improvement in Out of Stocks

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