Case Study: Retail In-Stock Improvement

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Client Description

Multi-regional CPG retailer.


The client needed to deliver significantly improved in-stock improvement from 9% to 5%.


Reduce in-stock outages from 9% to 5% in less than a year for designated categories.

TPG Approach

  • TPG assessed the Clients processes, replenishment, measurement, and planning performance using its Industry Best Practice Assessment tool
  • TPG documented and recommended process improvement changes in the areas of measurement, information systems, and in-store replenishment


  • The Best Practice Assessment identified a number of best practices in place in various regions. TPG worked locally to adapt and reapply out of region best practices for individual market use.
  • The Best Practice Assessment identified significant gaps in measurement and measurement delivery and recommended a simplified information management approach.
  • Over six months, all regions reached the 5% out of stock target.
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