Best Practice Joint Business Planning


The Opportunity

Joint Business Planning is mission critical for today’s consumer products retailers and suppliers. The consumer products and retailing industry is very competitive and companies that leverage deeper collaborative planning are gaining clear advantage. Companies with a well-defined JBP process are able to formulate win-win plans, develop breakthrough joint product and retail experience initiatives (due to longer term planning) and execute more effectively and efficiently.


Supplier Management


What We Do

TPG’s multi-functional Joint Business Planning Program helps manufacturers and retailers transform the end-to-end value chain, collaborative relationships and business results by aligning strategies and priorities and nailing the execution of the plan. The key inputs needed for success are:

  • Shared Shopper and Marketplace insights as inputs into jointly defined strategies and initiatives
  • Collaborative working relationships (focused time & effort)
  • Joint investment into breakthrough demand driving or cost-cutting initiatives

JBPOur partial list of consulting services include:

    • Assessment: Help Suppliers understand their gaps versus JBP Best Practices
    • JBP Process/Template/Tool Development: Using our Best Practice methodology, help develop the “Supplier Way” of JBP along with the templates/tools needed to activate
    • JBP Training: Help train the entire multi-functional organization on the new way of working
    • Facilitation: Help facilitate the JBP process with key Retail Partners, including the development of the JBP Materials needed by the Supplier as well as the facilitation of the actual Retailer meetings and follow up
    • Shopper Understanding: Assess the current Shopper Insights and help develop improvements to the insights that help drive JBP Plan development and activation
    • 3 Year and Annual Plan: Help develop the long range strategic plan and the 12 month plan of activation
    • Value Chain Analysis: Assess and identify opportunities for improvement across all elements of the Value Chain
    • Execute: Design and implement a multi-functional execution and monitoring process that is fully integrated across functions, work streams and companies, including joint KPI’s and balanced Scorecard. Identify issues and take corrective action as needed

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