The Opportunity

Industry studies continually identify that 35-40% of all out-of-stocks result in a lost sale for the retailer. At typical out of stock rates of 8%, for every $1mm in sales, there are $32k in losses. Key studies over the past decade consistently identify that 75% of the root causes of out-of-stocks occur within the retail outlet due to poor replenishment, execution, ordering, compliance, and shelf management processes. TPG delivers improved in-stock availability by focusing from the shelf backward, driving improved retail processes and internal planning capabilities. TPG works with a retail client directly to deliver improvement as well as collaboratively with retailers and key manufacturers to deliver the retailer’s objectives.


What We Do

TPG’s Retail Team delivers immediate in-stock availability improvement and the necessary capabilities to sustain the results. A partial list of our consulting services include:

  • Best Practice Assessment: Using a proprietary Availability Best Practice Assessment tool, TPG will determine a client’s performance against Industry Best Practices in the areas of Retail Work processes, Shelf management, In-store compliance, Backroom management, Merchandising planning, Training and certification, and Measurement capability. The assessment will prioritize critical improvements to deliver improved results.
  • Process Documentation and Improvement: Working with a small, representative sample of outlets, TPG will document and redesign work processes as identified in the Best Practice Assessment. This work will deliver required objectives in a simplified approach than can be replicated across the retailers total store base. As necessary, TPG will verify key in-process metrics are in place, and recommend appropriate new measures as required. Further, TPG will document and assess a client’s internal business planning processes in the areas of merchandising, seasonal execution and new items and develop appropriate improvement steps to deliver objectives.
  • Road map and Capability Guide: Based on cost to serve modeling and category segmentation, TPG identifies critical manufacturers and third party suppliers which will impact design choices.
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