Department Reinvention


The Opportunity

Winning with shoppers has never been more crucial as competition intensifies for a shopper’s spend. Traditionally, manufacturers and retailers have focused at the category level on how best to meet a shopper’s needs, but as baskets get smaller and trips fragment, leaders are taking a wider ‘department’ view to address the broader need state or occasion influencing shopper choice. Department reinvention starts by intimately understanding the motivators and barriers behind the way a shopper selects and buys today, to uncover relevant strategies to expand usage and loyalty in pursuit of your business goals. By re-orchestrating the overall shopping experience – whether online or in the store – you and your retailer partners can renew your category for sustainable growth.


Retail Innovation Consulting


What We Do

TPG’s department reinvention program is a results-driven solution applying proven best practice strategy, models and techniques to completely reinvent the department shopping experience – whether online or in the store. This work begins with an in-depth insight generation map, establishes a sustainable growth strategy for the department, and designs a transformed experience for shoppers along the path to purchase which delivers improved loyalty, increased transaction size, and maximized sales and profit. A partial list of our department reinvention consulting services include:


  • Definition: Establish the department definition and the categories as the shopper sees it. Define all shopper purchase options: retail, online, service industry, and size of each market sector.
  • Insight Landscape: Assess the attitudes, behaviors, and dynamics through various lenses – the consumer, shopper, categories, market, and outlets – to establish an insight map and uncover growth opportunities.
  • Vision & Goals: Based on these key insights and your long term business objectives, TPG helps develop a long term vision and goals for the department – unveiling the ultimate experience you seek to deliver to shoppers.
  • Strategic Platforms: Establish a set of consumer & shopper centric strategies along the path to purchase to transform the department and achieve the scorecard benchmarks. Validated parameters are set in several areas including macro/micro space allocation, assortment strategy, shopper marketing, and more.
  • Concept Design & Testing: Leveraging the TPG ‘Think Tank” rapid ideation workshop, shopper barriers and opportunities are examined and solutions are developed spanning online, store design, product innovation, associate training, and supply chain to name a few. Concepts are then taken to shoppers for testing and validation.
  • Concept Development: Winning concepts are brought back to the team for further design refinement, commercialization, and financial modeling.
  • Pilot & Launch: Select a supplier partner to implement and measure the plan.
  • Supplier Engagement: Deliver a turnkey retailer selling presentation and account prioritization for deployment.

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