Case Study: Service Deli Of The Future

Client Description

US Supermarket Retailer


Retailer was an amalgamation of several diverse and unique operating banners and formats as a result of a history of mergers and acquisitions. The retailer’s Service Deli offering, primarily comprised of deli meats, cheeses and prepared foods did not reflect the current shopper purchase and consumptions trends. In addition, the deli department needed to improve its overall productivity including customer conversion, inventory, freshness and labor expenses.


Create the deli of the future, ultimately becoming the unique and profitable destination of deli and meal solutions.

TPG Approach

  • Obtained superior industry insights
  • Developed a breakthrough vision
  • Identified and piloted innovative concepts
  • Defined a clear and pragmatic roadmap for successful rollout and ongoing improvement


  • Revamped and enhanced a multi-faceted rotisserie chicken concept
  • Created meal pod concept – simple, value-oriented meals a typical household could easily prepare in minutes
  • Designed meal center – alcove of freshly-prepared, restaurant quality complete meals for lunch or dinner

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