Case Study: Orchestrating A Path To Purchase – Frozen Breakfast

Client Description

Regional Food Retailer and leading supplier of Frozen Breakfast Products


  • Frozen Breakfast sales were flat and not keeping pace with total store growth.
  • Frozen aisle characterized as “sea of boxes” making it difficult to highlight new products.


  • Improve the flow and arrangement of the Frozen Breakfast Section.
  • Provide shopper navigational and informational signage that can simplify the shopping experience and raise the awareness of new products.

TPG Approach

  • Led shopping research to understand how customers shopped the aisle.
  • Utilized virtual testing to simulate different aisle solutions and evaluate likely shopper response.
  • Implemented in-store executions of highest rated virtual solutions.


  • New aisle arrangement eliminated “sea of boxes” providing shopper needs / micro-occasion based sections.
  • Improved navigational signage highlighting convenience, wellness, and new items.
  • Improved category sales.

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